elgato Thunderbolt SSD

elgato Thunderbolt SSD
(photos: elgato) elgato Thunderbolt SSD | from US$429.95 | www.elgato.com

we’d opt for solid state drive (SSD), for its reliability but getting unusually large data into it could be a particularly long process for the impatient ones like us. what if we could marry a SSD with today’s fastest transfer medium, the Thunderbolt technology? that would be prefect, doesn’t it? well, our wish has been answered by the elgato Thunderbolt SSD. the first portable SSD that uses Thunderbolt technology that allows for a blazing fast 270 MB/s of data transfer – a speed that is more than 3x faster than the FireWire 800 and more than 7x more than the conventional USB 2.0 technology and because SSD is virtually free of mechanical moving parts, it is less prone to data corruption and a fanless design, ensure that its operation will be whisper quiet. a sleek, portable metal enclosure tops off the package. available in 120GB and 240Gb capacities, the elgato Thunderbolt SSD carries a hefty price tag of $429.95 for the 120Gb model, while the 240GB model will set you back at $699.95. wow. oh, and one more thing… we all know that Thunderbolt technology actually boast daisy chain capability but not with this particular Thunderbolt SSD as it has only one Thunderbolt port.

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