Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has everything under the sun covered which will soon include an EV. However, not everyone outside of China is aware that it even have toys covered. Xiaomi has been making toys for a while now, including a bunch of brick-built toys and RC toys.

Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun

The futuristic yet oh-so-Xiaomi water gun called Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun you see here is one of its latest toys that have been successfully crowdfunded a couple of weeks ago. Anyone who is familiar with Xiaomi products can immediately relate to the clean, minimalistic design of Xiaomi. This unique to Xiaomi’s design looks good on the Pulse water gun.

As far as functions go, the Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun is much like the SpyraThree we have seen recently and then some. It boasts auto refill that tops up the built-in reservoir in 10-15 seconds. All you have to do is dip the nozzle into a bucket of water and pull the trigger, and the refill will begin. There is no need to wait till the reservoir is empty to refill. You can choose to refill anytime.

Like most water guns, it is recommended to use water from the faucet. Seawater is NOT recommended as debris and particles may prevent the proper functioning of the water gun. Though, the water intake does have a safety filter to prevent debris from entering the system. On the opposite of intake, the Pulse is designed with a water dispel outlet that quickly gets water out of the system.

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Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun

One stand-out feature is the lighting effect. On either side of the water gun is a light bar that will flash in sync with the shooting. Not exactly a tactical move but so was the white colorway.

The Pulse has three shooting modes: single, continuous, and a so-called charged shot. The latter basically puts out a larger lump of water which explains why both single and continuous modes will yield around 25 shots each while Charged shot only gets you around 12 shots.

The water gun has a range of 7-9 meters (around 23-30 feet). A digital display can be found on top of the water gun that offers at-a-glance information on the firing mode, battery level, and balanced ammunition aka remaining water.

It is outfitted with a 1,800 mAh battery rechargeable via a Type-C port. The latter has a dust cover that keeps dirt and water out. However, how long the battery last on a single charge and the volume of the water tank are not known.

Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun

Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun was sold for 649 yuan (about US$94) during the crowdfunding campaign. It is now delivered to backers and when it does become available publicly, it will cost 799 yuan (roughly US$115). Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Images: Xiaomi Youpin [CH].