You can’t call yourself a huge Captain America fan if you don’t know this year is the iconic superhero’s 75th birthday. Yea, Cap is an old man, having first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 in March 1941. Similarly, you can’t quite call yourself a Captain America super fan if you don’t have the ThinkGeek Exclusive Captain America Retro Set among your all-thing Cap collection. If you thought the ThinkGeek Exclusive Captain America Retro Set looks vaguely familiar, then good news, your memory have served you well. Though, this isn’t the set introduced a few years ago which came with two alternate heads, two “all new costumes,” and a WWII soldier getup.

ThinkGeek Exclusive Captain America Retro Set

This set has got three Steve Rogers heads, along with three outfits: 1940s Captain America attire, Super Soldier Steve Rogers outfit, and Police Officer Steve Rogers outfit – complete with a matching head (still Steve Rogers, obviously) with police cap. Like the previous limited edition set, this ThinkGeek Exclusive is also a variant figure in the classic 70s “Mego” action figure (hence, the 40s Cap costume and shield, and it is limited too, which in this case, only 2,000 sets are being offered. Like before, this set is 1:9 scale, which means Steve Rogers stands 8-inch tall and it comes accompanied with a a couple of accessories including police baton, as well as interchangeable hands.

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ThinkGeek Exclusive Captain America Retro Set

Clearly, ThinkGeek Exclusive Captain America Retro Set does not have Hot Toy kind of precision and accuracy, but it does have its toyish charm as it is, after all, a toy. But you would want this to be in your Captain America altar, because at $79.99 a pop, it is kind of pricey for kids to be mucking with.

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