If you appreciate good architecture, you will appreciate what LEGO Ideas member LEt.sGO has proposed on LEGO Ideas. Called The Architect’s House, this LEGO MOC is exactly what you imagine an architect’s house would be. You know, set in a tranquil and picturesque coniferous forest within a rocky valley and while amidst nature, it is modernity is undeniable because, well, it’s an architect’s house.

LEGO Ideas The Architect’s House by LEt.sGO

The Architect’s House is a two-story house built on a slopey terrain, which you have to admit, is the next best thing to a house embedded into a cliff, or a rock, or hanging off the cliff face. It has a garage and a recreation room in the basement (which, depending on perspective, could very be the first floor).

On the first floor, there is a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room, an entrance hall, a bath with a bathtub, and a furnished living room, alongside a dedicated music corner for music enjoyment.

LEGO Ideas The Architect’s House by LEt.sGO

The beauty of this proposed LEGO architecture set is, it rests on an all-natural ground. The most striking feature would be the living room suspended over a natural waterfall. You may never find a real-world ground with such terrain for such a house and therefore, LEt.sGO’s proposition is the next best thing to live your dream.

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Moving on to the second floor, you will find a bedroom that offers access to the main terrace and a hallway with a view of the living room and the entrance to an annex terrace.

LEGO Ideas The Architect’s House by LEt.sGO

Basically, LEt.sGO’s The Architect’s House is a house that only exists in most people’s dreams. However, thanks to this LEGO enthusiast, you will have a chance at owning it, albeit as a brick-built model.

That said, if you want to see this proposed LEGO Ideas set have a shot at becoming an official LEGO Ideas set, you may want to chip in your one precious support on LEGO Ideas and help it push to 10,000 supporters. At the time of this post, it has over 9,380 supporters. All it needs is a few hundred more supporters in the next 700+ days.

LEGO Ideas The Architect’s House by LEt.sGO

Images: LEGO Ideas (LEt.sGO).

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