For every product in existence, there is always a luxe version. It is like each product has a twin in an alternate dimension – dimension where richie rich populates the city. If that imaginary scenario does exist, then this very expensive Rose Gold Vermeil Crazy Straw from Tiffany & Co’s Everyday Objects collection would be one of the twins. That’s right. The public-traded American high-end jeweler is also in the business of selling straws and the Rose Gold Vermeil Crazy Straw is one of the many the company has to offer to those with very deep pockets.

Rose Gold Vermeil Crazy Straw

And how much is it going for? Oh, nothing. It’s “just” $350. For a straw. Holy cow! Who in the world would pay so much for a straw? Then again, a poor, struggling blogger like me is in no position to argue its worth. If 350 bucks is too pricey for you, Tiffany has other options too. Like for example, there’s a silver variety that goes for an “affordable” $250. What a bargain, eh? Not only that, it is totally not ostentatious like its Rose Gold counterpart (or the Gold one which cost as much as the Rose Gold model). I’d say it is a win.

In case you have more dough to drop, you can opt for the animal or insect adorned vine straw in sterling silver (like the Monkey Straw) which will run you back at $425 a pop. Or you could just go with a practical but less costly, collapsible straw like this one HERE.

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Gold Vermeil Crazy Straw

Sterling Silver Monkey Straw

Images: Tiffany & Co.

via Luxury Launches.

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