Tiffany Is Selling LEGO-like Building Blocks For A Cool $1,650

The mention of Tiffany & Co. will likely conjure up the image of very expensive wedding bands and other jewelries. One thing for sure is, one will not associate the American luxury jeweler to toys, but here it is, the Sterling Silver Building Blocks. These luxe building blocks are not actually toys… well, I think. […]

Seriously, Will You Pay For A Rose Gold Straw That Costs $350?

For every product in existence, there is always a luxe version. It is like each product has a twin in an alternate dimension – dimension where richie rich populates the city. If that imaginary scenario does exist, then this very expensive Rose Gold Vermeil Crazy Straw from Tiffany & Co’s Everyday Objects collection would be […]

The Weird And Expensive Stuff You Can Buy Today Includes This $1K Tin Can

What’s silver, has shining gold inside and looks like a tin can? Well, I guess that would make it a tin can, is it not? And what if the ‘tin can’ boasts the aforementioned ‘features’, how much would you pay for it? Or would you even buy a tin can to begin with? How does […]