The mention of Tiffany & Co. will likely conjure up the image of very expensive wedding bands and other jewelries. One thing for sure is, one will not associate the American luxury jeweler to toys, but here it is, the Sterling Silver Building Blocks. These luxe building blocks are not actually toys… well, I think. It looks like LEGO plastic bricks, but instead of round studs, these blocks have square studs and they are obviously very luxurious because, sterling silver and American walnut.

Another non-similarity is, these blocks are silly expensive, commanding a cool $1,650 – an amount that can probably get you 4-5 UCS sets. And that, mind you, is for just 10 pieces. The 10 pieces include three 2 by 2 blocks (0.62” square) in Sterling Silver and American Walnut, three 2 by 3 blocks (0.93 x 0.62”) in Sterling Silver and American Walnut, three 2 by 5 blocks (1.55 x 0.62”) also in Sterling Silver and American Walnut, and a lone 2 by 5 block (1.55 x 0.62”) in Sterling Silver.

The blocks are numbered and lettered, and can be further personalized with engraving (up to three letters) for additional 25 bucks. The ridiculous sticker is no doubt attributed by the brand name and, of course, the use of Sterling Silver and American Walnut, which by the way, I never knew costs that much (I though gold is, and so it is probably just the brand, really).

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Sterling Silver Building Blocks is listed in the company’s “Everyday Objects,” a fairly new category where seemingly mundane items are transformed into luxe objects, including the likes of reusable straw and tin can, with eye-watering price tags that will leave a gaping hole in your mind.

Image: Tiffany.

Source: The Sun.

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