Chirps Cricket Protein Powder

You know what? Just yesterday I heard my sister saying that my auntie came back from a holiday in Thailand, bringing back a packet crickets snack. Yes. Crickets, the chirping bug. To the rest of the world, this sound really unreal… but then I saw this in our inbox: Chirps Cricket Protein Powder. Talk about coincidence… Anyways, Chirps Cricket Protein Power is exactly what it says it is: it is protein powder formulated with the bugs belonging to the Gryllidae family.

Chirps Cricket Protein Powder

Now, that really takes bitten by fitness bug to a whole new level. OK, no. The bugs don’t actually bite, but you get the jive. This superfood may be derived from crickets, but cricket itself is apparently tasteless. Not surprising because, according to my sister whom have tasted the bizarre snack from Thailand, it does not have a peculiar taste. So, no, you won’t be getting notes of cricket in this superfood. If that is the case, between this and cockroach milk, I’d go for the former. Obviously…

Chirps Cricket Protein Powder is not purely of crickets; in fact, it is a blend of pea, brown rice, chia seeds, and “nutrient dense crickets.” Apparently, this stridulating insect has only 4g net carbs, but yet it packs all 9 essential amino acids, and 59 percent of the daily value of B12 in each serving. That’s some potent protein there. Like any protein powder, it is designed to be consumed as a beverage, but it can go with oatmeal, yogurt, or infused into cookies and muffins too.

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And oh, it is gluten-free too, therefore consuming it should not make you experience side effects like bloating like most protein does. Moreover, it is touted as “the most sustainable protein on the plant,” as it takes significantly less water to produce over traditional or soy-based protein powder. What Chirps is pitching is, Chirps Cricket Protein Powder has way more health benefits, virtually no negative health effects, and you’d doing the environment a favor too.

Chirps Cricket Protein Powder is the second product from Chirps following the successful launch of its Cricket Chips. If you are down for bug-based protein powder, you can find it on Kickstarter going for $39 a tub. Skip ahead for fun pitch video to learn more.

Before that… here’s the crickets snack I told you about:

Image of Cricket Snack from a supermarket in Thailand
Image of Cricket Snack from a supermarket in Thailand. Credit: WX.

P.S. I bet the crickets are startled by this latest scientific revelation. They must lamenting that it is a curse to harbor such nutritional value. Sorry. I just can’t help it.

Images: Chirps.

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