$1,000 Tin Can by Tiffany and Company

The Weird And Expensive Stuff You Can Buy Today Includes This $1K Tin Can

What’s silver, has shining gold inside and looks like a tin can? Well, I guess that would make it a tin can, is it not? And what if the ‘tin can’ boasts the aforementioned ‘features’, how much would you pay for it? Or would you even buy a tin can to begin with? How does $1 sounds? No, wait. How about we take it further and ask: would you plonk down $1,000 (yes, that’s three zeroes right there) if the tin can is from Tiffany & Co.? Yup. You heard right. Tiffany & Co. is indeed peddling a tin can on its website and yes, it does command a cool $1,000.

$1,000 Tin Can by Tiffany and Company

It is not just not any tin can, though; it is a Sterling Silver Tin Can, lovingly turned out by hand by Tiffany’s artisans. From the get go, it looks no different from a tin can you may have come across in a trash can, but while it may be named ‘tin can’, this is no tin. As the product name suggests, it is of sterling silver with a thoughtful touch of Tiffany Blue enamel accent to boot. Wait. So, is this supposed to be a jewelry? I don’t know. But I do know that it is listed under Tiffany & Co.’s everyday objects. Though I am not quite sure if a tin can even has a place as everyday objects as far as usability goes (they are pretty much trash, really).

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Anyways, now you know. If you ever need a tin can and one that does not used to have baked beans inside and feel uber luxurious, you know where to look for. If you are keen, there are a whole lot utilitarian items turned into seemingly luxurious items under the Everyday Objects category, including a pair of $950 Ping Pong paddles, a set two bone China paper cup that goes for $95, a $300 yo-yo, and $600 first aid box – just to name a few. And oh, all of them has sterling silver on them.

$1,000 Tin Can by Tiffany and Company

Images: Tiffany & Co.

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