What looks like a car remote is actually a purpose-designed, stylish containment for a straw. Wait, what??? What can a straw this short do? Well, it can’t and also, FinalStraw is not short at all. When it comes to sucking, length does matter because, Trenta. So yeah, this reusable straw isn’t really that short; in fact, it is being collapsed to fit into the case.

FinalStraw Collapsible Reusable Straw

Billed as the world’s first collapsible, reusable straw, FinalStraw eliminates the problem that has been stopping people from bringing their own reusable straw. It does so by making it compact enough to be bring along whenever you may be headed. The result is what you see here: a convenient and yet sleek package that most people wouldn’t mind keeping by their side.

FinalStraw Collapsible Reusable Straw

It is designed to be convenient to carry. It can mingle with your keys looped in your keychain, hook to your belt loop, hang on your backpack – you name it. Basically, it can be attached to anywhere most convenient to you. It is BPA free, dishwasher safe, and has soft ends that makes it good for both grownups and kids alike.

The folks behind this environment-saving straw even went to length to design a squeegee for keeping the straw squeaky clean. So, no more excuse for using single-use straw, ever. Well, that’s if you think a little cleaning every now and then is a hassle. Oops. But think about the impact you will make on the environment. No more sea turtles with straw up their nostrils and you’d be one of the many that be slashing the 500 million straws discarded by Americans every.single.day.

FinalStraw Collapsible Reusable Straw

According to its creators, one FinalStraw can save 584 plastic straws from getting into the oceans and landfills every year. I don’t know how accurate is that number, or any other number being pitched to back the product benefits, but one thing for sure is, if everyone stop using single-use straw, the world will be a much better place.

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If you are on the same page as us, then you may want to consider joining over 30,000 like-minded individuals who have backed FinalStraw’s call for support on Kickstarter. A pledge of 20 bucks or more will secure you a FinalStraw accompanied with a “Sexy case” and the aforementioned cleaning Squeegee.

The campaign is funded, btw. In fact, it is well over funded, pulling in an astounding $1.6 million in funding. One point six million dollars for straws! Imagine that! Oh, wow. I am totally impressed by the overwhelming support. Really.

All images courtesy of FinalStraw.

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