Anker Innovations’ eufy has a lot to shout about with its new security camera called eufy EverCam. Like many cam of such nature, it is wire-free, connecting to its security base via WiFi (or low-frequency wireless spectrum) and powered by battery, but this is where the similarity ends. Firstly, it is the first ever security camera to boast 365-day battery life on a single charge. Secondly, it employs a 3-phase Artificial Intelligence so that you will only see and be alerted to what you desire, and not be alarmed by a passing insects, for example.

“EverCam reduces false alarms by up to 95% by applying a 3-step scanning and filtering process. First, register your friends and family as trusted faces, then, once someone approaches the vicinity of your house, EverCam can determine if that person is someone you trust to further reduce the alerts you get. “

eufy EverCam Wire-free Security Camera

And here’s how it works:

eufy EverCam Wire-free Security Camera

Key features include Sony IMX 323 Exmor sensor, 33ft low light range, 140-degree wide-angle, large f2.2 aperture, 1080p video with night vision capability, IP66 rated weatherproof, wide range of operating temperatures (-20C or -4F to 50C or 122F), live streaming, bank-grade encryption, two-way communication with built-in mic and speaker, local storage on microSD card and a choice of screw or magnetic mount. Since it does not use the cloud, this security camera does not incur monthly charges, but that’s not to say the initial outlay is affordable.

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eufy EverCam Wire-free Security Camera

A unit comes with a MSRP of $329, but for the next 30 days or so, you can score one for $110 off at $219. But do note that the $219 price tag is limited to 800 units. But of course, if you grab more than one, you are going to save more. I shall leave it to you to explore the perks eufy has to offer in its first-ever Kickstarter campaign.

All images courtesy of eufy.

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