Dr. Shuuuuuut pacifier makes giving medicine to baby easier

Dr Shuuuuuut Pacifier 544x358px
(credit: Nicolas Moussallem)

the daunting task of giving medicine to your baby is addressed by Sippy Sure, but there’s an alternative by the way of medicine dispensing pacifier. this concept pacifier, dubbed Dr. Shuuuuuut, by designer Nicolas Moussallem incorporates a special chamber to hold the medicine. simply place the capsule inside and turn the cap. the motion will result in exploding the capsule which tiny amount will be slowly ingested by the baby as it sucks on the pacifier. hmmm, won’t the bitterness of some medication be detected by the baby? apparently not so, as the amount is so tiny that the baby won’t notice. well, i’m not a baby anymore, so i won’t know for sure.
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Dr Shuuuuuut Pacifier 600x420px Dr Shuuuuuut Pacifier 600x420px Dr Shuuuuuut Pacifier 600x420px

via Yanko Design

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