Clear29 LED skateboard lets you downhill skate in the dark

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(image credit: Flexdex) Flexdex Clear29 LT LED Skateboard | US$199.95 |

shaped in the form of the downhill skateboard, the Clear29 LT longboard LED skateboard is based on Flexdex original polycarbonate “clear as glass” skate deck design but with LED lights fitted. clear as glass meaning that rider can watch the asphalt beneath zoom past as the rider hit the road, however, we warn against being mesmerized by the beauty of the asphalt road. thus keeping your vision in the direction of travel would be a better idea.
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the polycarbonate longboard measures 29-inch by 8.5-inch and comes equipped with 9-inch high response Gullwing Mission Trucks, smooth riding translucent wheels, and ABEC5 Racing Bearings to ensure a smooth cruising through your neighborhood. when night falls, just flip the switch and the entire deck will brighten up. very pimp-my-ride kind of thing but i think nobody in the right mind would zip downhill in the darkness. sure, cars would be able to spot you (and probably call in CNN to report an UFO sighting) but curbs and drops won’t avoid you even if you have LED lights. hence we believe using in low light is ok but complete darkness is definitely a no-no.

anyhow, check out the video after the break. the clear polycarbonate material helps to permeate the LED light throughout the deck, making the whole light pretty awesome. there are five flavors of color to choose from: blue, red, green, amber and white LED. personally, i thought the white one is pretty hot. the Flexdex Clear29 LT LED Skateboard retails for $199.95 and are available over at Gadgets and Gear and Flexdex Skateboard web store.

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