Sippy Sure is the world’s first medicine dispensing cup

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(image credit: Sippy Sure) Sippy Sure – The Medicine Dispensing Sippy Cup | US$8.99 |

i would imagine one of the most stressful thing about caring for a child is feeding him or her medicine when required (aside from the endless food fight engaged daily). i don’t have a child of my own to quantify this but judging from my sister’s experience with her daughter, i would think an invention like Sippy Sure would definitely helps to ease the process of giving medicine to the children. made out of high impact FDA food grade plastic, Sippy Sure is BPA free and dishwasher safe too.
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(image credit: Sippy Sure)

from the exterior the Sippy Sure looks just like another child’s drinking bottle but it is the inside that holds the magic that would relieve you of the stress associated with coercing and begging your child to take the medicine. inside the Sippy Sure is a separate calibrated medicine cup complete with both ml and teaspoon measurement, attached to a valve base which in turns, is attached to the cup top. the valve base has four valves, two each for the drink and medication side. when topped with the prescribed amount of medication and the bottle, with your child’s favorite drink, your child would be able to take the prescribed medicine as they drink without knowledge that they are also consuming the medicine at the same time.

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(image credit: Sippy Sure) cup top with medicine cup and valve base attached

by removing the medicine cup, the Sippy Sure can also be use as your child’s everyday sippy cup which is what the inventor of Sippy Sure recommends. using it everyday would ensure that child will not associate the cup with taking of medicine. in essence, it would be just another cup to them which they may grow to love (in short, makes your life easier). brilliant idea and it is totally affordable too. the Sippy Sure retails for $8.99 each and is available on Sippy Sure website.

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