Bauhütte Motorized Electric Gaming Bed

Clearly, a gaming station that lets you eat, snack, sleep, and game all in one place is not quite perfect enough because you still have to burn some precious calories to sit up from your cozy sleeping position to do whatever needs to be done seated.

Bauhütte Motorized Electric Gaming Bed

Enters the “Electric Gaming Bed”, which is essentially an upgraded version of the Bauhütte’s Gaming Bed Concept from 2020. Instead of a regular bed, the new “Electric Gaming Bed” now has a hospital-style motorized bed that lets you sit, raise your legs, or do both at the same time, at a touch of a button.

The so-called electric gaming bed is in fact a motorized gaming bed that only the laziest of people would dream of. Dang it! I do not have space for that, Bauhütte.

Anyhoo, the bed comes with a wired remote that lets you adjust the backrest, raise the footrest, or both. It even has a handy bracket to hold the remote when not in use. Even hospital beds don’t have that (they don’t right).

Bauhütte Motorized Electric Gaming Bed

Obviously, I am joking. Adjustable beds are not limited to hospitals. It is available in the market for those who want one and are willing to pay the price. In the recent Winter Olympics, athletes slept on similar adjustable beds.

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That said, the star here is obviously the bed which measures 199 cm (6 feet 11/32 inches) long by 94 cm (3 feet 1 1/64 inches) and is capable of holding up to 200 kilograms (441 lbs).

The adjustable risers afford 13.8, 20, or 28.5 cm (5.4, 7.9, or 11.2 inches) floor clearance, and the backrest and footrest can be adjustable up to 60-degree and 35-degree, respectively.

Bauhütte Motorized Electric Gaming Bed

In the sample setup shown in a promo video, the Bauhütte Motorized Electric Gaming Bed was seen paired with a matching clothes rack, a gaming desk with monitor arms and a keyboard table, and a shelving system for a bar fridge, microwave, supplies of cup noodles, and more.

It looks like an almost perfect setup for very serious gamers. If only it does include a bathroom or at least a toilet. Just saying…

Anyhoo, believe it or not, the Bauhütte Motorized Electric Gaming Bed is available to buy in Japan for 59,800 yen (around US$476) without the mattress, or 85,113 yen (about US$678) with the mattress.

Images: Bauhütte [JP].

via SoraNews24.