If you are looking for a wallet, you will find several types and designs in the market or online. As technology continues to progress, you will find new concept wallets that offer several safety features that will safeguard your money when you travel. RFID-blocking wallet is one excellent feature that protects the sensitive information that is stored in your wallet.

Now you might have probably heard about this feature but do you know what it is and how it works? In this article, we will learn more about RFID and how it protects your personal information.

What is RFID?

RFID or Radio frequency identification is a technology that allows information to transmit wirelessly through radio waves. This technology was very popular during World War II when the military used to identify friendly aircraft that have entered their airspace. With the help of RFID, they could identify any plane that consists of an antenna or computer chip easily. 

Skipping forward to the 20th century, RFID chips have been used in credit and debit cards that enable individuals to pay payments by a simple touch or tap against a card reader. The signal emitted from these RFID devices is low-intensity radio waves that are received by the reader when it comes in contact. Read below to know more about how it functions.

How Does RFID Blocking Wallets Work?

As mentioned before RFID chips are present in credit and debit cards which allow you to make payments or conduct transactions without swiping. RFID chips use radio waves that can be tracked and scanned easily. These chips are often implanted on an object which contains information and can be read by the receiver when they come in contact. 

Keep in mind that the tag must be at a specific distance or else the RFID reader won’t be able to get any information. Because these devices have small tiny electromagnetic fields, they do not need any power source to initiate communication. This is where an RFID blocking wallet comes into play as it blocks or interrupts any scanner that is ready to steal your sensitive information.

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Hackers and other criminals use RFID skimmers that give them direct access to your cards in the wallet from a distance. These RFID readers allow them to download the information present on your card and duplicate them which often leaves individuals with zero balance. The RFID blocking wallet easily stops any thief from robbing you of your hard-earned money and allows you to travel safely.

Why Do You Need an RFID Blocking Wallet?

If you are someone who loves to travel and visit places around the world. You know that tourists are often scammed or tricked by criminals from foreign lands. Getting an RFID-blocking wallet is just one way where you can stay ahead of these criminals and protect yourself. Even at the airport, you won’t have any issue with the security as your wallet will pass through the x-ray machines and not ring any alarm. If you are looking for a travel wallet that is equipped with an RFID-blocking feature, this hero neck wallet available on amazon.com.

Now regardless of whether you are traveling abroad or just to work, this can be very helpful as it will safeguard your money. If you are wondering whether these devices are huge and difficult to carry? No, they are not. Modern RFID wallets are quite complex and versatile and allow users to carry them easily without any hassle. Additionally, they are durable and will last as long as or even more like your regular wallets. 

Keep in mind that these wallets are not a must but they can be considered a safe bet against criminal activities whether it is in your backpack or your wallet. If your wallet does not have an RFID chip then purchasing these wallets will be of no use.


If you have any doubt regarding these wallets, we hope that this simple explanation will give you all the information you need to know about RFID blocking. Technology is part of us so if you are looking to carry some essential tech gears, we have created a list, read on to know more.

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