SmallRig Airbag for Digital Camera Joke

We did not publish any product news that was announced on April 1st for obvious reasons. A couple of product announcements caught out our eyes that we almost believe it was real.

SmallRig Airbag for Digital Camera Joke

The so-called airbag for digital cameras from camera accessories maker, SmallRig, was one of them. The Air Guard Protective Kit, as it was called, was an obvious joke (especially after seeing the deployed status; it’s comical) but it was at the same time very believable.

I mean, we have already seen “airbag” for smartphones (though not literally airbags), an airbag helmet, airbag riding jackets, a pair of airbag-equipped jeans, and so an airbag system for a camera won’t be too farfetched, right?

Anyhoo, so yes, the Air Guard Protective Kit turns out to be a prank pulled by SmallRig but god damn it, I wish it wasn’t. I know, there are risks if airbags are deployed on a camera but it sure will save many expensive rigs from destruction when in the field.

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Since it is a joke, there is no point in us telling you the details. However, it will be nice if SmallRig could make it real. Even as a prototype just to show how such a contraption could save a precious rig.

Images: Twitter (@SmallRigGlobal).

via PetaPixel.