We are so impressed with the GravaStar Alpha65 GaN Fast Charger that we knew we had to give the new model a go when it was released. GravaStar Delta35 GaN Fast Charger is the latest to join GravaStar’s line of unique power adapters.

GravaStar Delta35 GaN Fast Charger Review

Like the Alpha65 and the speakers, Delta35 is both fun and functional, and yes, it is also a mecha-inspired little guy but this time, it has got arms. This is kind of a step in the right direction because the legs on the Alpha65 become redundant when plugged into the outlet. The hands, on the other hand (pardon me!), can be posed however you wish as long they aren’t in the way of anything. Pretty cool.

Before we continue, here are the key features:

  • Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology
  • 35 W max power output
  • 2-port design (2x USB-C)
  • Supported protocols: QC2.0、QC3.0、QC3+、PD3.0、PPS、Apple2.4、BC1.2、AFC、FCP/HV SCP
  • Built-in protections (overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, over-temperature, et cetera)
  • Input voltage: AC100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 1.5A Max
  • USB-C PD3.0 certified
  • PPS (Programmable Power Supply): smart and dynamic power allocation with compatible devices
  • Built-in charging indicator light
GravaStar Delta35 GaN Fast Charger Review

Here’s the max output for each port based on different usage:

Single Port Charging:

USB-C 1 (35 W)

USB C 2 (35 W)

Dual Port Charging:

USB-C 1 (12 W)

USB C 2 (12 W)

The Aesthetics

Like the Alpha65, the new Delta35 takes the form of a mecha, though Delta35 is decidedly less “industrial” and more adorable. Somehow, it reminds us of EVE. As mentioned earlier, it does not have legs. However, it has poseable arms. The arms are connected to the main body via ball joints, allowing it to rotate on its axis and each arm gets an articulated elbow that furthers its posability. As before, it has a pair of “ears” or antennae, if you will, which are on ball joints. Though, I don’t believe they can be removed like it was on the Alpha65.

You can twist each ear and rotate it around as you please. It is more of a fun figure than the 65W model, IMHO. On the top, you will find two USB-C ports, and over at the front, there is a blank “screen” where there is a pair of eyes which is the charging indicator light. Save for the eyes, the arms and the “ears” have no part in the charging process; they are there because, well, it’s a mecha, innit?

GravaStar Delta35 GaN Fast Charger Review

The Construction

The exterior is of plastic construction. There is nothing to complain about the construction. It is mostly solid. The USB C ports up top are well apart to not interfere with each other if both were to be used. Well, that’s if you decided to go all out and use a ridiculously large decorative USB adornment.

The Functionality

Well, what can we say? It works as advertised but this shouldn’t come as a surprise since GravaStar isn’t new to this. Having the USB ports up top works well when plugged into a desktop power strip. In fact, it felt like the future was here. It feels like you have a drone that serves up electrons to your gadget at your bidding. But alas, this isn’t a drone but a fun, functional electron delivery device. However, it is worth noting that if you do plug this into a wall outlet, it may not look as impressive. Instead, it will appear that little Delta35 is trying to scale the wall or something. The illusion of a bot could be marred by the plug too which will explain below.

The Plug

GravaStar Delta35 GaN Fast Charger Review

At this point, the Delta35 is available in the US plug. This is cool because the prongs flip into the underbody and disappear completely to have a cool mecha appearance. Similarly, it appears to be sitting flush with an outlet or power strip. However, I am on a UK plug and therefore, this little appears to be elevated on a box because I have to use an adapter. What a bummer. 

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The Charging

GravaStar Delta35 GaN Fast Charger Review

The obvious question when it comes to a power adapter is how well will it charge. Obviously, the full 35 W is available only if one port is used. As denoted above, it can only pump out 12 W max if two devices are being charged simultaneously. Unfortunately, we are unable to find out if a lone port would deliver the full 35 W. However, as far as iPad mini 6, Pixel 7, and iPhone 14 Pro are concerned, I think this charger delivers. My Pixel 7 is on optimized charging up till 8.30 AM the next morning. However, it is still drawing a healthy 15 W while the iPhone 14 Pro, which is at 66% at this point, is also drawing 15-ish watts. Obviously, those numbers dropped significantly when two devices were charging.

The Omission

We regret that we are not able to test the overloading, and other safety features as we do not have the necessary equipment.

The Safety Marks

GravaStar Delta35 GaN Fast Charger Review

As before, the adapter has a bunch of symbols and it include CE, FCC, ETL, RoHS, indoor use symbol, double insulated symbol, et cetera. Two key symbols are CE and FCC. CE, which stands for Conformité Européenne, verifies that it is safe for sale and use in the European Economic Area (EEA) while the FCC mark is a voluntary mark for electronics sold in the U.S. indicating that the electromagnetic radiation from the device is below the limits set by FCC.

The Verdict


• Fun and compact form factor (again and I definitely don’t mind a bit!)

• Affordable price point

• Dual USB-C ports (note we bold USB-C)


• No UK plug yet

• Maybe, just maybe, it could use a little more power since it has dual ports

Because the Delta35 uses GaN technology, it is able to keep its size down. It is almost the size of the charger that came with my iPad mini 6, well, if it was without the arms and the ears. But it is compact and should be portable enough to bring it anywhere. With 35 W at its disposal, it is well-rigged to charge the iPhone or an iPad. It could even be used to juice low-powered laptops such as the Macbook Air. However, obviously, simultaneously charging two devices at full speed will not be possible. But let’s say that if you have all day, it can totally slow charge two devices.

Now for the golden question: should you get this? Well, I made my point or points. First and foremost, it is the fun factor. It is a breakaway from the conventional. If you needed another reason, well, then how about this: Apple’s 35W dual USB-C Port Power Adapter costs US$59 and it is a boring white brick, and this little guy which essentially does the same costs just US$29.95. If that’s a win, I don’t know what is. 

If you are sold, you can pre-order the GravaStar Delta35 GaN Fast Charger today for US$29.95 from GravaStar.com. It comes in a choice of white and pink and will start shipping on October 20, 2023.

We read that pre-order BOGO will land you one FREE 100W charging cable. Check out the product page to learn more.

Images: Mike for Mikeshouts.com.

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