Already bored with folding phones? Well, Samsung has something in the pipeline that will definitely spice things up. According to popular tech leaker Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) on Twitter, Samsung is developing a new kind of folding device that goes beyond folding to offer even more screen real estate.

Samsung Fold-and-Slide Flex Hybrid Phone

Known as Flex Hybrid, it is a fold-and-slide device that employs both folding display and sliding screen technology. Sliding or rolling display technology is not new. TCL has not only pitched the idea but also produced a functioning prototype. This technology has also seen real-world use in television too.

Anyhoo, this proposed fold-and-slide device utilized folding screen technology on the left and sliding display technology on the right. It can be used like a regular folding phone. In this instance, it opens up to a 4:3 aspect ratio device with a 10.5-inch device – which is significantly larger than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4’s 7.6-inch.

Samsung Fold-and-Slide Flex Hybrid Phone

However, it appears that it will not have a full-screen external display which makes it a folding tablet than a phone. To be fair, it was not referred to as a phone anyways. In the event that a 10.5-inch display isn’t enough, sliding the right screen will further expand the screen to a full-fledged tablet screen size of 12.4 inches with a 16:10 aspect ratio. The device truly realizes the concept of a tablet that fits into a pocket.

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Somebody on Twitter asked if Samsung really thinks foldable is the future. Well, my take is, it probably does not feel like it is the future if you have not used one. But if you have experienced a folding phone for a period of time, you may find that it could be what the future is about. I mean, to have a large display, or even a regular display, that fits in your pocket is a freedom you never knew you need.

Samsung is expected to reveal this innovative fold-and-slide device at CES 2023.

Source & Images: Twitter (@UniverseIce).

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