The world’s first rollable TV, LG OLED R was announced for market launch in 2020 and it is now available to order in the United States. We already written extensively about it in 2019 and so, we shall refrain from repeating ourselves. But for those we need a concise write up on what it is about, here are the official words:

LG Signature OLED R Rollable TV

“Built using an ultra-thin, flexible 4K OLED screen made from one sheet of glass, LG SIGNATURE OLED R features luminous display technology composed of over 8 million self-lit pixels that deliver superior, vivid picture quality. Powered by LG’s fourth generation α (Alpha) 9 intelligent processor, the OLED R provides best-in-class visuals as deep-learning algorithms detect scenes and genres to optimize display settings and reduce motion blur.”

Those and the fact that it has a rollable display are what you really need to know about this innovative TV. Oh. There is one more thing. It costs a cool US$100,000. You may learn more about the LG Signature OLED R Rollable TV over at the product’s page HERE.

Images: LG Electronics.

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