Ugreen Nexode Pro Series GaN Fast Chargers: The Next Level Of Compact

If you are in the market for a new USB charger/adapter that packs the next-gen text, then you may want to check Ugreen’s latest GaN fast chargers, the Nexode Pro Series. The Nexode Pro Series is a lineup of advanced fast chargers featuring Airpyra Technology for compact, efficient design.

8 Must-Have iPhone Accessories You Need In 2023

In this rapidly evolving digital world, iPhones have become necessary tools that serve many functions. To maximize the utility and enjoyment of your iPhone in 2023, it’s crucial to consider the right accessories. This article explores the top eight must-have iPhone accessories to enhance your phone experience.

Redmagic To Launch 150W Smart GaN Charger Through Kickstarter

Redmagic is planning to launch a 150W Smart GaN Charger that screams “gaming!”. The charging brick borrows the aesthetic from the Redmagic line of gaming smartphones, applying the now-in-vogue transparent design on a charging brick which Redmagic describes as a“cool appearance design”.

GravaStar Alpha65: A USB Power Adapter That Is Fast, Portable, And Super Fun [Review]

Remember the GravaStar Alpha65 Fast Wall Charger we told you about? Well, we have gotta our hands on one, and here are our thoughts. The GravaStar Alpha65 Fast Wall Charger (GaN) 65W is a USB charging adapter that leverages Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology to enable fast and efficient charging for up to three devices simultaneously. …