GravaStar Alpha65 Fast Wall Charger (GaN 65W)

Having a power strip on the desk is the new normal which kind of means the plugs and whatever charging devices have to look sleek – if you want a cool-looking table top. And sleek is exactly what the GravaStar Alpha65 Fast Wall Charger (GaN 65W) is.

GravaStar Alpha65 Fast Wall Charger (GaN 65W)

GravaStar changes the game with Bluetooth speakers that not only look as good as it sounds but also look good in a way no other audio equipment has ever envisioned. Its speakers double as futuristic pieces much like what MB&F did to desktop clocks.

Now, the company has done the same for wall chargers aka USB power adapters. However, unlike the GravaStar speakers which look more like three-legged mechanical aliens, the GravaStar Alpha65 has a mecha robot-inspired design.

It looks like a cross between Wall.E and a rabbit which makes look mecha rabbit-ish. It has a pair of removable magnetic “ear” accessories which GravaStar said will have possibilities (presumably accessorizing) in the future.

GravaStar Alpha65 Fast Wall Charger (GaN 65W)

The device stands on two articulated legs that allow the body to sit down completely to connect to the power strip or wall outlet or extend to stand up as a display figure.

When charging, the “eyes” light up in an ice-blue hue adding a touch cool and also providing a real-time power status display.

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As the product name suggests, the GravaStar Alpha65 is powered by GaN technology and offers a maximum output of 65 W that is shared between a USB-A port and two USB-C ports. Maximum charging on each port is dependent on how many devices are connected:

Single Port Charging:

1. USB-C 1 (65W)

2. USB-C 2 (20W)

3. USB-A (18W)

Dual Port Charging:

1. USB-C 1 (45W) + USB-C 2 (20W)

2. USB-C 1 (45W) + USB-A C1 (18W)

3. USB-C 2 + USB-A (15W MAX)

Three Port Charging:

USB-C 1(45W)

USB-C 2 + USB-A: (15W Max)

GravaStar Alpha65 Fast Wall Charger (GaN 65W)

The USB power adapter benefits from a synchronous rectification chip to improve the power supply efficiency for multiple devices.

However, the power distribution is fixed which means it will not be able to balance the charges based on the connected devices. You will have to remember the max charging of each port and plug the devices according if you are going to use it to charge multiple devices.

But it will do so will safeguarding your devices – thanks to the 8 real-time protections, including overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, overtemperature, overpower, under voltage, electrostatic, and anti-interference protection. The charger also features a flame-retardant shell for safe charging.

The GravaStar Alpha65 Fast Wall Charger (GaN 65W) is available in a choice of white or war-damaged yellow and in US or UK and EU plug, for US$69.95 a pop. But we noticed that it is currently having a Father’s Day Sale (June 06-18) which you can bag one for about 14 bucks less, at US$55.95.

GravaStar Alpha65 Fast Wall Charger (GaN 65W)

Images: GravaStar.