Bauhutte Under Desk Bed Japan

Not every company has sleep pods like NASA, Samsung and Google to let hardworking (read: overworked) employees take a wink. Over in Japan where white collar workers are known to have burned their ass off working, employees have to take it upon themselves if they want a nap.

Enters Bauhutte “Under Desk Bed”. Under Desk Bed is exactly as described. It is a folding bed. It folds up into a compact form, measuring 59 x 59 x 42 centimeters (about 23 x 23 x 17 inches), thus allowing it to be stored under a desk.

Bauhutte Under Desk Bed Japan

When Z monsters demanded the worker to take a shut eye, it can be quickly unfold into a full-length, one-person bed that stretches 185 centimeters (6′) long, complete with locking caster wheels – to which, we can’t help but to wonder why does it look so much like a wheeled stretcher but on much shorter in height.

Anyways, the bed has a payload of 100 kilograms (220 lbs) and comes with a 4 centimeters (1.6 inches) thick mattress.

Bauhutte Under Desk Bed Japan
It could be useful for when natural disasters strike.

I don’t know if I should marvel or feel sad that such product exists. On the bright side, it is apparently, being marketed as beds for when natural disasters strike.

Bauhutte Under Desk Bed is a real thing, btw, and it can be had via Amazon Japan for 33,011 yen (which works to be about US$300).

Bauhutte Under Desk Bed Japan

Images: Bauhutte [JP].

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Source: Kotaku.