Re-SOHKO Transform Is A Box That Opens Up To An Office Space Or A Workshop

As a regular living space, a tiny home may be fine, but not when you are working from home which most people do today. You can’t do things that require a workshop or garage too. This is where Re-SOHKO Transform from Japanese outfit, Re-SOHKO, comes in.

We Do Not Know If We Should Marvel Or Feel Sad That Under Desk Bed Exists

Not every company has sleep pods like NASA, Samsung and Google to let hardworking (read: overworked) employees take a wink. Over in Japan where white collar workers are known to have burned their ass off working, employees have to take it upon themselves if they want a nap.

Office Essential: Charles Eames Chair

For those who work from home, a comfortable office space is essential and one’s choice of office chair will invariably make or break your home office endeavors. It is for this reason that most people who have the capacity to work remotely will opt for Charles Eames office furniture in their home office because, quite simply, the comfort supplied

Aviator Wing Desk by Restoration Hardware

getting a piece of furniture that’s repurposed from, say, a WWII aircraft’s wing is cool but we can’t help but to think about what crap had beaten through those wings. bad idea. besides, a war is never a good thing to reminiscent about. however, if you have one desk that’s inspired by World War II fighter planes (note: not


what do carjack, ironing board and office swivel chair have in common? all three is designed to go up and down as per the user’s desire or requirement. and what’s being left out of this adjustable equation? tables. they ought to be adjustable don’t you think so? mainly due to the fact that not all humans are equal in height and there are times where you might want to use…