Furniture-based vehicles aren’t new but motorized office furniture with features of a car has got to be the first. Well, folks, motorized office furniture with features of a car is exactly what the Volkswagen Motorized Office Chair is. The German automaker already has a solution for working on wheels, now Volkswagen Norway wants those who are stuck in the office to experience working on wheels too.

Volkswagen Norway Motorized Office Chair

The Motorized Office Chair is good as any vehicle, except that it isn’t road-legal, obviously. For a start, it has a comfortable throne embroidered with the mandatory Volkswagen emblem, and it packs an electric motor and a removable battery pack that offers a top speed of 20 km/h (12 mph) and up to 12 km (8.5 miles) range.

True to a car/car seat, it has a seat heater to keep your bum toasty in the harsh cold of Norway and an in-car, or should we say, in-seat entertainment complete with built-in speakers and a touch screen display.

Volkswagen Norway Motorized Office Chair

While it has as many as five wheels, it is only two-wheel drive. The driving wheels are 4” solid aluminum wheels, and it has pedals for steering. It even has a seatbelt too, which is for a turbulent workspace. Though it can’t shield you from toxic coworkers. And oh, it also has reverse cameras too as well as 360° sensors so no coworkers or bosses can sneak up on you. Perfect!

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Other features include ID-style LED strips, flashing lights and work party lights, a functional horn, a voluminous 0.005 m handy storage space around the back, and believe it or not, it has a trailer hitch. Oh wait, it also has a remote unlock too, complete with sound, of course.

Unfortunately, though, the Volkswagen Motorized Office Chair is available to buy. It’s obvious but still fun to know it exists.

Images: Volkswagen [NO].

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