As a regular living space, a tiny home may be fine, but not when you are working from home which most people do today. You can’t do things that require a workshop or garage too. This is where Re-SOHKO Transform from Japanese outfit, Re-SOHKO, comes in.

Re-SOHKO Transform Box Office-in-a-Box

Designed by Japanese studio Nosigner, Re-SOHKO Transform is essentially a workspace in a box that, when closed, meets the standardized size for palletized cargo. This means, it is ready to be transported whenever you relocate and that is pretty dope, IMHO.

This nondescript box opens to a workshop with all the tools and furniture needed for craftsperson’s work, or as an office space. With this office-in-a-box (or workshop-in-a-box) any corner or space can be a place of creation or work. It can be placed along the window, or stashed inside a storage room – if your home actually has one.

Re-SOHKO Transform Box Office-in-a-Box

Having the Re-SOHKO Transform is like having a small space designer maximizing a tiny space for you – except that this one needs no (possibly) pricey designer or craftspeople. Plus, you can move it to wherever you move to. Not going to lie. I am totally sold by this brilliant concept.

However, it is not clear if Re-SOHKO Transform is available to buy. There is no pricing information, but you are welcome to find out more by reaching out to Re-SOHKO via its website HERE.

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Images: Re-SOHKO.

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