Audi Coupe Projekt Widebody Kit by Prior Design

Good news, Audi enthusiasts who adore the legendary Audi Quattro rally race car that dominated the rally race car scene in the 1980s. Germany car modification specialist, Prior Design, has developed a widebody kit that will turn a modern day, curvy Audi Coupe into the squarish legendary 1980s Group B Audi Quattro… lookalike.

Audi Coupe Projekt Widebody Kit by Prior Design

The kit will turn a curvy Audi Coupe into a boxy beauty that, at a glance, looks pretty convincing. By the virtue of straight panels, Prior Design managed create a somewhat boxy widebody kit that goes on above the wheel arches, thereby breaking the curves that were on an Audi Coupe.

Whether you have a passion for this rally race legend or simply have a thing for boxy designs, the Audi Coupe Projekt widebody kit by Prior Design is sure to please. While not exactly boxy like the original, it turns out to be quite a looker on its own.

Audi Coupe Projekt Widebody Kit by Prior Design

The good news is, Prior Design is actually selling this kit. However, there are only 40 sets to go around and for a hefty €5,990, or about US$7,290. Oh, wait. Not exactly good news; we just realized the kits were sold out.

It was actually last year’s product. Ugh. Bugger. But at least now you know a boxy widebody kit for Audi Coupe existed.

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Images: Prior Design [DE].

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