Those guys over at LEGO really know how find reasons to build awesome giant sculptures. From a life-size Apollo 11 astronaut to mark the 50 years of Moon landing to a giant Batman to celebrate the cape crusader’s 80 years to a life-size McLaren Senna, they have done it all.

58000-piece LEGO Mickey Mouse Sculpture

The latest to join this larger-than-life creations is the LEGO Mickey Mouse Sculpture. Packing over 58,000 pieces, this human-size iconic Disney’s character took 300 hours to design and build by a team of LEGO builders.

The 58,000+ pieces also includes a giant version of the equally iconic red 2×4 brick. Now, if that’s not the coolest Mickey Mouse build ever… skip ahead for a very short video of the build. Unfortunately, we couldn’t locate any official photo, so a poor resolution video will have to do for now.

Images: Twitter (@LEGO_Group).

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