Dynetics Swarm Drone Demonstrated

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, the fictional swarming drones was as impressive as it is scary. And if you wish that is not the future we heading, well, we have bad news: the military wanted that kind of technology.

Previously, U.S. had tested swarming with Unmanned Sea Vehicles and U.S. Pentagon’s Strategic Capabilities Office has been working on swarming technology which it has tested as recently as 2016. Not going to lie. The sight of Perdix micro drones swarming was pretty unnerving.

Dynetics Swarm Drone Demonstrated
The swarm drone was deployed from a C-130 military air transport.

The cruise missile-like military hardware you see here from Dynetics, called X-61A, is the latest to join the business of swarm drone.

In a video posted by Pentagon contractor, Dynetics, it shows a drone dropped from the under the wing of a military transport aircraft and proceeds to execute an autonomous flight.

Though it is known as a swarm drone, there was only one X-16A demonstrated. No so-called swarming was shown. But already, I am imagining the worst.

Dynetics Swarm Drone Demonstrated
Another look at the cruise missile-like drone, X-16A.

X-16A is part of the Pentagon’s Gremlins program which aims to equip the U.S. military with swarming capability using relatively cheap and recoverable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

These hordes of drones are expected to be capable of coordinated distribution and deploy in a range missions including reconnaissance and air strikes. Yikes. A swarming air strikes would really be a nightmare for any enemy. Continue reading to watch the Dynetics X-16A in action.

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Images: YouTube (DyneticsInc).

Source: RT.