Kids today are so fortunate. Of course, that’s provided that they have doting parents who have the disposal income to drop for things like the Star Wars X-Wing Bookcase Bed from Rooms To Go. The Star Wars X-Wing Bookcase Bed is exactly what it says it is: it is a bed with integrated bookcase and it is also an X-Wing, well, at least half of it.

Star Wars X-Wing Bookcase Bed

The X-Wing here is not just any X-Wing. It is the T-65 X-Wing Starfighter as seen in the first trilogy – complete with the faithful astromech, R2-D2, along with details like carved thrust engine, laser cannon, painted laser tip and torpedo launcher. Unfortunately, apart from the top wing, engine, laser cannon, and torpedo launcher, the rest of the body is basically 2D, i.e. it is flat, which makes it shy of being perfect for offspring of any Star Wars fan.

Star Wars X-Wing Bookcase Bed

Star Wars X-Wing Bookcase Bed is completed with printed stars side frame and headboard to further offer the feel of traveling in space… on a X-Wing. It comes with a choice of left or right twin bed to suit any room setup, or if you a pair of young padawan, there is also a package that comes both left and right. If you want, you can make it even more complete with printed stars-decorated trundle, available for both left and right twin bed.

Star Wars X-Wing Bookcase Bed

Seriously, the package should come with a full starfighter body for a more accurate look. Space design wallpaper and comfortable set are entirely optional, but hey, if you are already at it, you might as well go all the way. I mean, you know, for completeness’ sake.

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You can find Star Wars X-Wing Bookcase Bed on Rooms To Go for $488 for Left or Right twin bed, or $1088 for both. The Left or Right twin bed with trundle is tad costlier at $568.

Star Wars X-Wing Bookcase Bed

Star Wars X-Wing Bookcase Bed

Images: Rooms To Go.

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