Evangelion may not have new anime, TV shows or movies in recent memories, but this mecha anime has quite a cult following. In fact, it is probably still a thing in Japan, since there are actually racing teams in its name in Land of the Rising Sun and also the fact that Japan music instrument supplier Kyoritsu Corporation has recently announced a collaboration with Evangelion on a series of musical instrument accessories. These music gears include collections of products with themes based on the popular anime by Gainax/Tatsunoko Production.

Evangelion x Kyoritsu Corporation Guitar Accessories

The collections include guitar cabinets, guitar pick set, a bass amp and a series if microfiber guitar cloths. The guitar amp to get the EVA treatment is Polish’s HESU Modern M212 Custom Cabinet that touts dual 12-inch drivers. The choice of guitar cabinet is not surprisingly really because, M212 is one of those guitar amp that supports custom grille that allows image to be on it. Speaking of which, four models will be offered. Among them are two purple models sporting designs based of EVA Unit-01 and the other two are a red and a white cabinet based on the two female lead characters, Shikinami Asuka Langley and Rei Ayanami.

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HESU Modern M212 Custom Cabinet EVA

Next up is the Evangelion Guitar Pick Set which has three different sets to choose from. Each set is based on the three EVA units: EVA Unit-01, EVA Unit-00 and EVA Unit-02, and each set consists of five picks, each with a different designs relating to the specific EVA unit. Then, there is EVA Unit-01-themed bass amp, Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega. Finally, there is a collection of microfiber guitar cloth that has five designs in it.

Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega Japan Limited EVA Unit-01 ver.

The HESU Modern M212 Custom Cabinet EVA goes for 120,000 yen (about US$1,090) and has a limited run of just 30 units for each model while the Evangelion Guitar Pick Set is priced at 1,000 yen a set (around US$9.00). The Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega Japan Limited EVA Unit-01 ver. costs 44,000 yen (around US$400) and are limited to 400 units and finally, the Evangelion microfiber guitar cloth will retails for 1,200 yen (about US$11).

The Evangelion x Kyoritsu Corporation guitar accessories is set to be available at musical instrument stores across Japan, as well as the official Evangelion store starting July 14.

Evangelion< Guitar Pick Set

Evangelion Microfiber Guitar Cloth

Images: Kyoritsu Corporation.

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