Not everyone is rich enough to own several cars, let alone a garage to park them. It is even harder to get a classic at a bargain price. Thankfully, there are die-cast models which can let anyone become the Jay Leno of the miniature automobiles.

Matchbox ’61 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Coupe

If you have that aspiration and whether or not if you are already doing it, you will be going to be please with the Matchbox ’61 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Coupe by Mattel.

That’s right. Like the Routemaster Bus, Matchbox is giving the ’61 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Coupe a reboot.

First released in 1963, this particular miniature Mercedes-Benz rose to fame as the first Matchbox die-cast model to feature opening doors.

Other highlights of this tiny delight include a matte black roof, True Grip GT wheels, light blue-tinted windows, and a red interior.

Just like the real classic, the Matchbox ’61 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Coupe is a sight to behold. OK. Maybe a miniature sight to behold.

The reissue Matchbox ’61 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Coupe will be available on on August 19, 2021, starting at 9AM PT. The asking price is US$25 each.

Matchbox ’61 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Coupe

Images: Mattel.

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