The double-decker Routemaster is just about as iconic as London’s Big Ben. It is kind of a London thing and an important part of public transportation’s history of dear old England.

Matchbox Routemaster Bus Die-cast Model

It was immortalized in 1966 by Matchbox in 1966 as a die-cast collectible and released through 1969. In 2006, it made its return as a slightly modified model and was last since in 2016.

Fast forward to 2021, Matchbox is bringing it back, this time as a classic edition featuring vintage era-styled logos and banners on its red and off white, metal double-decker bus body.

This 1/64 scale collectible further features “True Grip” steelie wheels, smoke-tinted window, and a silver VUM interior.

Each delightful Matchbox Routemaster Bus will come packed in an acrylic case with environment-themed panorama background.

I’d say it is a must-have for public transportation aficionados and die-cast model collectors. And if you are a collector/fan, July 29, 2021 is the day you want to take as note as it will go on sale on this day at 9AM Pacific Time.

The asking price is US$25 plus shipping and handling.

The new Matchbox Routemaster is the very first of a new collectible series from Matchbox and it will be available exclusively through the Matchbox Collector site on the said day.

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Images: Mattel.

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