We have seen some pretty amazing cosplay but there is only one that we would consider “intricate” and that would be the Resident Evil William Birkin Stage 1 Transformation cosplay. The effort that went into that Birkin cosplay was astounding.

Carnage Completing Transformation Cosplay

While the Carnage transformation cosplay by Nadege A. aka reika3105 you see here may not be as complex, we thought it is almost on the same level because of the mid-transformation. We don’t have a lot of details about this awesome cosplay. All we have is a single image taken by pro photographer Yuza Wayne.

But the fact that the cosplay has the super villains almost completing the transformation from humans to the evil symbiote, leaving just part of the human face visible, is pretty impressive on its own. That’s not to mention that the entire costume looks to be cel-shaded and you know how we felt about cel-shaded stuff. At this point, we are clamoring for more photos. Unfortunately, there is none.

Images: Yuza Wayne via Instagram (@reika3105).

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