Do you find yourself scouring YouTube for videos of people popping pimples? Well, if you do, then I bet you will love to have a poppable pimple cake for your birthday and probably already own a popping pimple “toy”. But what’s the fun with a self-indulging toy when other like-minded pimple-popping loving folks can’t join in the fun, right? This is where Pimple Pete Game Presented by Dr. Pimple Popper from Spin Master comes in. This gross-out toy lets you pop the many pimples on Pimple Pete’s face with the rest of your family and friends.

Pimple Pete Game Dr. Pimple Popper
Is model ‘dad’ is feeling a little queasy?

“Combining a little “yuck” factor with a lot of fun factor, Pimple Pete is the pressure-packed, pimple popping game perfect for some gross-out fun on family game night. Pimple Pete’s face is covered with pimples and he needs your help “popping” them.”

Pimple Pete, who looks like has a face that’s about to blow up anytime, is propped up with a base that is also a spinner which players take turn to spin. The player will choose a squishy pimple to “pop” on the area where the arrow lands. It won’t be an easy task, though. It requires some pretty good dexterity and sense of strength to be able to get the “pimple” out without triggering the Mega-Zit filled nose that, fortunately, is filled with water instead of some gooey stuff.

Pimple Pete Game Dr. Pimple Popper
Puberty is coming down hard on Pete.

Well, what can I say? I guess the official description “a little ‘yuck’ factor with a lot of fun factor” and “some gross-out fun” sounds just about right. Though clearly, it is not a game for everyone. Somehow we suspect the model ‘dad’ in the promotional photos appear to be a little queasy when junior pulled out a large pimple. However, if you love having some yucky, gross-out fun, you can pick up a set from Amazon from a variety of sellers for $14-35.37.

Images: Spin Master.

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