Do you find yourself unable to resist popping the pimples on your face? Or do you have an innate desire to pop pimples but you can’t find any on your perfect face and thus, you find yourself among the millions of viewers who have repeatedly viewed strange pimple/cyst popping videos on YouTube? I do not know if that is a condition/fetish to be alarmed, but as far as your fascination goes, couple Billy and Summer Pierce has the ultimate solution that will satisfy your bizarre love and it is called Pop it Pal. So what is Pop it Pal? Well, in simple terms, it is a pimple popping simulator.

Pop it Pal Popping Fake Pimples is a Thing Now

It is a slab of skin safe silicone filled with fake gooey pus and it has 15 “pimples” which you can squeeze to satisfy the picker in you. Here’s the official statement:

“Everyone has their own unique obsession and this product was invented to help pickers keep picking! The Pop It Pal™ is made of skin safe silicone with an all natural pus that simulates the feel and popping of a huge pimple! Every Pop It Pal™ comes with 15 pimples ready to be picked the minute you receive it.”

Sounds like the perfect gift for someone who has this odd obsession indeed and the fake pus made of natural ingredients is refillable too, so you can, theoretically, pop till the kingdom comes, well, as long as you stock enough of the $5.99 a bottle fake pus. The ready-to-be-popped Pop it Pal costs $19.99 and it is offered in two ‘skin tones’: peach and brown. I guess Pop it Pal might just be a hit in 2018 and if you ask me, I’d say it is the best alternative for pickers who have can’t get their hands on a Pimple Pooper Cake (or if they could, a perfect complementing birthday gift, perhaps?).

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