black buns though rare, are in existence. we knew that. but black cheese? man, that just simply looks like melted tar or tires stuffed in between the burger. but that (and the blackened buns) are just what Burger King Japan has to offer starting September 19. available in two burger types: Kuro Pearl and Kuro Diamond, these burgers will not only feature black buns and black cheese but also has onion and garlic sauce that contains squid ink, you know, for that extra measures of blackness. too bad they can’t make the patty black too, but it has got black pepper. the almost unholy, charred-look buns and the poisonous-looking cheese are made from bamboo charcoal and the patty with black pepper, though not entirely black, is made from bamboo charcoal too.

apparently, this isn’t the first time the international fast food chain has released black burgers – in fact, the Kuro duo is the third of the its (black) kind. we try not to think how it will taste. as for Japanese friends who are gastronomically brave, you folks can take up the savor them come September 19. the Burger King Kuro Pearl is expected to sell for 480 Yen (about US$4.48), while the Kuro Diamond will goes for 690 Yen (roughly US$6.45) – both a la carte prices, of course. meal set will run you back at 750 Yen and 1,050 Yen for the Pearl and Diamond, respectively. if you read Japanese, you can find out more about these blackened duo here.

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Burger King Kuro Burgers - Pearl

Burger King Japan [JP/PDF] via Highsnobiety

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