Life-size DeLorean Time Machine Cake by Tattooed Bakers

Now that we are already 5 days into the future, you probably have had enough of products and news about or relating to Back to the Future and we feel sorry that we have to put you through another one. But we find it hard to pass on something this, well, incredible. What you see here is, believe it or not, a life-size DeLorean Time Machine cake. Yup. You heard that right. This is a freaking edible cake based on the iconic flying time machine from Back to the Future II. This flying DeLorean cake was a masterpiece of London-based “food & cake creatives” called Tattooed Artists, created to celebrate Back to the Future day.

Life-size DeLorean Time Machine Cake by Tattooed Bakers
Look away! DeLorean cruelty is in progress!

It was on display at the Bullhorn Live software conference in London and was sadly, subsequently, devoured – just to prove that it was actually edible, or maybe, just because it was a freaking cake and a cake is destined for growling humans’ stomach after a grueling day of the conference. Obviously, not everything is edible. ‘Parts’ like the working lights won’t go well with a mortal’s digestive system, but I am guessing, the brilliant minds over at the conference would have known better. Unfortunately (or not), we do not have images of the decidedly cruel aftermath.

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via Gizmodo Australia