If you find pulling down the mask to eat or drink is tad unglamorous, then perhaps you may want to do what Ben Heck did. Ben has designed and made an Auto-Mask that, at a press of a button, opens/closes the mask.

In fact, this is the second iteration which he calls Auto-Mask Mark 2. The first one was too much Bane-like and not quite as practical in both seals and usability. This second version, however, is pretty damn awesome.

Sure, you can continue pull down the mask the old way, but this DIY Auto-Mask Mark 2 by Ben Heck sure makes the process looks and feels more in the future. Because, pandemic is for the future people, right?

You can watch the entire planning and building process of the Auto-Mask Mark 2 as well as the mask in action in the video below.

Images: YouTube (Ben Heck Hacks).

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