The scene where Ultraman teleported himself back to Earth to take on Balkan (1966/67 Season 1, Episode 16 ‘Science Patrol Into Space’) is now immortalized in 3D, by the way of the Shonen Ric’s Large Monster Series Ultraman (Type B) Teleportation Image Version. It is a figure that only true fans will appreciate.

Shonen Ric Ultraman Figure Teleportation Version

Just to be clear, this is NOT the first teleportation version Ultraman. There was one in 2012 released as an UltFest 2012 exclusive. But the 2012 version was apparently not accurate as the toy was based on the Type C mold, not B as it should.

Anywho as far as this upcoming collectible figure is concerned, it is made of PVC/MBS figure and hand-painted, and each figure will come with pedestal of sort.

What you will get is Ultraman Type B with a blue-ish transparent lower limbs with horizontal dashes to simulate he was in the midst of a teleportation as seen in the TV series. It does appear to come with any accessory.

Not going to lie. It look super cool. A must-have for any fan of Ultraman. Well, but only if you are in Japan and super lucky because, it looks like this 10,000 yen (about US$96) collectible figure is only available to Japan residents.

Ultraman Teleports Back To Earth Scene
Ultraman teleportation scene from 1966/67 S1,EP16 Science Patrol Into Space

If that’s not bad enough, only 150 units will be offered and purchase of the figure is strictly through a lottery system. If you are in Japan, or knows someone who resides in Japan, you/him/her can enroll yourself into the lottery HERE.

Shonen Ric Ultraman Figure Teleportation Version

Images: Shonen Ric [JP].

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