Rewound Music Player by Louis Anslow

Well, that’s a huge bummer. The awesome music player app on App Store, Rewound, we talked about last week has been pulled from the App Store by Apple. I have mixed feeling about this.

While I dig the design and applaud the developer’s dedication to bring iPod Classic design to users, we also felt that it is a matter of time that Apple steps in and murders it.

The reason for pulling the app is obvious, or at least it is to Apple. Apple cited that the app because “it copied the iPod’s design, charged a fee for Apple Music features,” and would therefore “be mistaken for an Apple-designed app.”

Rewound Music Player by Louis Anslow

The arguments are actually quite lame, if you ask me. I am sure people can tell that it isn’t an Apple app. What’s there to confuse about?

The developer went on to argue that he did not infringed on any Apple IP to which we somewhat agree. Then again, if it looks like an iPod Classic, even if is a skin that isn’t on App Store, Apple will surely intervene.

But not all hope is lost. Louis is looking at developing a web app for Rewound, but he need $50,000 to get the project moving.

Images: 9to5Mac/Louis Anslow.

Source: MacRumors.