Rewound Music Player by Louis Anslow

While designer/developer Elvin Hu is skeptical if his SwiftUI iPod Classic music player may not be approved by Apple, one developer, Louis Anslow, has already put up a similar app on Apple App Store.

What makes Rewound, as it is called, special is, the screen buttons are customizable. It has skins which also explains how it managed to get approved by Apple.

Rewound Music Player by Louis Anslow

To turn your iPhone into the iPod Classic, you will need to download and apply a skin, also designed by Louis Anslow.

The thing is, if the app has anything remotely resembles Apple product or its UI, it will not be approved by the App Store team.

To circumvent this, you will need to download the iPod Classic skin separately and then add it to the app. You can find the original resolution file for the skin below. Be sure to download the original resolution to ensure it work as it should.

Rewound iPod Classic Skin
Right click and save the above image.

Although the idea behind the app was primarily to simulate the classic click wheel iPod interface, Rewound is also designed to support other themes that will be coming in future. In this way, it will be less likely be strike by the App Store.

According to the app page, Spotify compatibility is coming soon. So, if you don’t have Apple Music sub, you just have to wait it out.

Rewound Music Player by Louis Anslow is now available for free on the App Store with in-app purchases. Keep going to see The Verge’s Tom Warren had a go with the app with the iPod Classic skin applied.

Images: 9to5Mac/Louis Anslow.

Source: 9to5Mac.