Nikon F 60th Anniversary Watch

You heard that right. A wrist watch coming from the Japanese imaging equipment maker, Nikon. Celebrating Nikon F SLR’s 60th years, Nikon Museum has released a limited edition Nikon F Watch.

Notwithstanding the fact that Nikon is not an expert in this field, the Nikon F Watch is must-have for serious Nikon fans who have a thing for Nikon’s past, specifically Nikon F (like, duh).

Nikon F 60th Anniversary Watch

Now, here’s the thing about this collectible timepiece from a non-watchmaker. Instead of outright putting a shutter to announce it is a shutterbug watch, Nikon has chose to incorporate graphics of an actual shutter speed dial on the inner dial face, while the 12 o’clock mark is assumed by the ‘F’ branding.

At the bottom, the words “Nikon Museum” can be found engraved. Aside from those, the watch is otherwise rather rudimentary.

It has a polished chamfered case, and the same ‘F’ branding, along with ‘Nikon Museum’, can be found emblazoned into the stainless steel case back. The yellow second hand juxtaposed nicely with the shutter speed dial’s red and green shutter speed markings.

Like I said, it is a basic wrist watch, but at just 19,990 Yen (around $183) it may just worth it if you are collector of old Nikon gears. There’s a couple of catches here though. First, there are only 100 units to go around and secondly, it is only available at Nikon Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

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Images: Nikon via PetaPixel.

Source: PetaPixel.