Feeling nostalgic about the 80s? Well, however nostalgia you are about the 80s, I pretty sure it wouldn’t be half as strong as this unnamed man who had converted his home’s basement into an 80s video rental store.

Mind you, this is the real deal video rental store that we are talking about – complete with aisles of video tapes neatly displayed for your (or his) viewing pleasure.

Man Convert Basement Into A VHS Rental Store

There’s even a CRT TV on an old school cabinet (and presumably, a VHS player) to roll out of the video tape of his choosing.

If that’s not enough, there’s a TV shelved up at the top of one corner too, just like an actual video rental store had in those days.

Completing the authentic 80s video rental store look are sweets, small toys, and a variety of movie posters.

Man Convert Basement Into A VHS Rental Store

This true-blue VHS video tape enthusiast also has an online store, aptly called Nostalgia Video, that sells movies on, you guessed it, VHS tapes. Also in stock are some cool custom VHS tapes featuring titles like cult classic like Re-Animator, as well as newer stuff like Rocky VI and Toy Story 3.

Apparently, Nostalgia Video also sells custom VHS tape boxes too, for those who have lost boxes or anyone who, somehow, is still creating VHS tapes.

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Oddly, though, Nostalgia Video does not sell hardware to playback those ancient media format. There’s a long-ass video tour of the basement VHS video rental store embedded below if you are interested.

Images: Nostalgia Video.

Source: Geekologie.

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