Burger King Germany Introduced Fun ‘Social Distancing Crowns’ To Ensure Social Distancing

All over the world, both businesses and individuals have came up with ingenious, and often hilarious solutions, to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet from each other. Burger King in Germany is no different.

Burger King Stranger Things Whopper Is Coming Your Way

I don’t remember Stranger Things had this many collabs last season. Anyways, yes, here’s another Stranger Things collaborations running up to the season 3’s premiere on July 4th, 2019. Following Polaroid Stranger Things Edition OneStep 2, LEGO 75810 Stranger Things set revealed in May and more recently Baskin-Robbins and Nike collaborations, the other U.S. burger […]

Burger King Valentine’s Day Adults Meal Comes With, Well, An Adult Toy

What was meant to be a celebration of love and a month of romance has evolved into an obvious consumerism that businesses are quick to cash in on. But not all businesses actively cash on Valentine’s Day. Fast food restaurants for one, remain rather nonchalant about this ‘big event’ for lovers until of late when […]

Burger King Japan to Sell ‘Red’ Burgers with Red Buns and “ANGRY Sauce”

While McDonald’s maybe enjoying huge reception elsewhere in the world, Burger King in Japan is busy making its own wave by introducing ‘weird’ burgers. We have seen the black burgers from the fast food chain giant’s Japan restaurants, it is now back with another colored burger, this time red is the color of choice. Officially […]

In Japan, Black Burger Is Blacker With Squid Ink and Black Cheese That Looks Like Melting Tires

black buns though rare, are in existence. we knew that. but black cheese? man, that just simply looks like melted tar or tires stuffed in between the burger. but that (and the blackened buns) are just what Burger King Japan has to offer starting September 19. available in two burger types: Kuro Pearl and Kuro […]

Ad Campaign: Burger King Hands Free Whopper

what if you are hungry, but there are still work to be done? sadly, there aren’t any perfect solutions available. it is either you choose to go hungry or stop work and take a bite – that’s until the Burger King Hands Free Whopper comes along, or so we thought. if you think the applications of the Burger King Hands Free Whopper is exactly what it says it is and it sounds almost like a dream too good