What was meant to be a celebration of love and a month of romance has evolved into an obvious consumerism that businesses are quick to cash in on. But not all businesses actively cash on Valentine’s Day. Fast food restaurants for one, remain rather nonchalant about this ‘big event’ for lovers until of late when KFC New Zealand dished out KFC bouquets, and candlelight dinner over at White Castle and Waffle House. As it turns out, those weren’t the last of it. Burger King Israel also pulled off something rather unusual for this year’s day of romance. In response to how kids have ‘Kid’s Meal’, Burger King Israel came up with a novel idea of an Adults Meal just for this day.

BK’s Adults Meal sounded rather ‘normal’, except that it really isn’t because, in addition to two Whoppers, two pack of French Fries, and two beers, this designed-for-adult meal comes with a “romantic ADULT TOY.” You know, like how Kid’s Meal comes with a toy too? Yeah, think you get the idea. Anyways, the ’Adult Toy’ here obviously wouldn’t be a Jake the Dog figurine or a Batman mask, neither is it anything explicit (sorry, no vibrator or free dildo, folks). Instead, it can be, according to the teaser video posted on BK Israel’s Facebook page, a satin mask, feather duster, and a scalp massager. As to how those things qualify as “ADULT TOY,” I guess we shall leave it to your imagination.

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But Israel residents won’t be expecting this Adults Meal everyday cos’ it was only made available to folks who are 18 and older on February 14 and only after 6 p.m. Why 6? I don’t know, maybe that particular branch that had this offer don’t have kids hitting the stores after 6. Or maybe, it is just, you know, dinner time? I wonder if they did provide candles and did the tables had table cloth?

P.S. Obviously, KFC and BK Israel weren’t cashing in on this day per se; what they did is probably leveraging on this day to pull an easy (well easier, as compared to other ‘normal’ days) marketing stunt.

P.P.S. We wish we could include ‘haha’ or ‘Lmao’ in the post title.

Image: Burger King Israel.


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