All over the world, both businesses and individuals have came up with ingenious, and often hilarious solutions, to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet from each other. Burger King in Germany is no different.

The Germany chain of the American fast food giant is doing it in a manner that we could only describe as ‘fit for a king’. How so, well, with big-ass crowns – made out of paper, of course.

Burger King Social Distancing Crowns

Aptly called ‘Social Distancing Crowns’, it vaguely resembles a sombrero – a ridiculously wide one. Customers wearing the Burger King Social Distancing Crown will be able to enjoy their favorite Burger King burger while keeping a safe distance from each other. Needless to say hilarity comes standard.

While literally keeping people apart as they should, the Social Distancing Crowns also serve as a reminder to customers to practice social distancing.

Images: Instagram (@burgerkingde).

Source: BusinessInsider.

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