Australian burger joint Down N’ Out certainly lives up to its parent’s company, Hashtag Burgers, tagline of “we weren’t getting the #burgers we wanted… now we are.” Indeed, burgers lovers did get the burgers they wanted, or at least Pokémon fans did get their burgers they wanted, which in this case, comes in the form of super adorable specialty burgers called Pokéburgs. Pokeburgs are exactly what they sound like: they are Pokémon-inspired burgers. Obviously, these aren’t not official edible merchandises, but who really cares, right? If it is a Pokémon, it is all good. Undoubtedly fuel by the recent Pokémon Go phenomena, the Sydney-based American-style burgers shop begins peddling these specialty burgers recently to much enthusiastic response from fans.

Down N’ Out Pokéburgs Pokémon-inspired Burgers

Three styles of burgers are offered: Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Charmandar, each style to match the color and likeness of the respective Pokémonster. And staying true to the RNG (random-number generator) nature of the now-hottest mobile game, patrons will be served up with random Pokéburgs. So, in a way, every order is a surprise – just like the random Pokémonster you get when you walk to hatch the egg in the game. If you are game enough, then its time pack up and get on the cheapest flight to Sydney. But be aware that these adorable $15 AUD a pop burgers are in limited supply and also, if you intend to catch’em all, be sure to do so before September 3, 2016, because it will be Pokéburgs no more after the said date.

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In any case, we suggest that you experience them as soon as possible cos’ there’s no telling when or if the legal beagles of Niantic or Nintendo will pounce on them for copyright infringement.

Down N’ Out Pokéburgs Pokémon-inspired Burgers

Images: Hashtag Burgers/Spooning Australia via Down N’ Out.

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