Many people are into Star Wars. But someone who specifically have a thing for the notorious Jabba the Hut from the original Star Wars trilogy? That has to be very, very rare. Mighty Jabba (@mightyjabbascollection) is one such rare person.

Jabba the Hutt with Visible Anatomy

As his user name suggests, he is a major fan of the space thug. He is such big of a fan that it does not just review Jabba the Hut toys; he make them too. The Jabba the Hutt with Visible Anatomy, or The Visible Hutt as he calls it, is one of them.

Lifting a page off the American educational figures from the 50s and inspired by artist Jason Freeny’s anatomical masterpieces like the Anatomical Gummi Bear, Mighty Jabba designed and 3D printed a Jabba the Hutt figure with half of the villain’s innards exposed.

Jabba the Hutt with Visible Anatomy
Mighty Jabba even designed a very 50s box for it!

The result was an exceptional piece. Even though we are not quite sure if the evil space slug has bones at all.

If you are interested, be sure to check out Mighty Jabba’s design and build process for The Visible Hutt and also check out his Instagram page where he shared his many other works.

Jabba the Hutt with Visible Anatomy

Images: Instagram (@mightyjabbascollection).

via Technabob.

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