Rich people buy expensive cars. Super rich people, on the other hand, won’t want to be seen driving a car somebody else is may also own. It (the car) has to one-and-only. And one-and-only is what the Ferrari Omologata is.

One-off Bespoke Ferrari Omologata Supercar

The Ferrari Omologata is a one-off, bespoke supercar built in accordance to the client’s (i.e. the super rich person) wishes. It is a truly a car that reflect’s the owner’s distinct tastes.

When tasked with the job to create this one-off example, the design team led by Flavio Manzoni took an 812 Superfast as a starting point. The result is remotely like the Superfast, though.

One-off Bespoke Ferrari Omologata Supercar

The Rosso Magma exotic supercar looks like an American muscle of the bygone era with an unmistakably European flair. It is one muscular, steadfast ride with a decidedly sporty stance that looks like it is ready to pounce on its competition anytime.

And check out the delightful fastback rear topped with a functional spoiler to aid in downforce which this handsome creation most definitely need. Also take a look at the deeply set single taillights. It is beautiful, ain’t it?

One-off Bespoke Ferrari Omologata Supercar

Up front and under the longish hood a 6.4L V12 motor producing an angry 789 horsepower. However, no numbers were provided. Then again, it is not a question of numbers; it is just how fast. Most importantly, it is the only one in existence and it will most definitely turn heads.

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The interior is as exquisite as the exterior, featuring an all-black interior accented by unique crackled paint effect on the dashboard and steering wheel, and electric blue seats in leather and Jeans Aunde fabric – complete with 4-point racing harnesses.

With just one on the road, I doubt any of us will ever see one in flesh. You ought to be super lucky to see it on the roads. I guess we just have to settle with some precious photos which you can posted along with this post.

One-off Bespoke Ferrari Omologata Supercar

All images courtesy of Ferrari S.p.A..

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